SEO Considerations to Prepare for the AI Trend

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming even powerful to the point that it can potentially disrupt with the way of life as it can possibly replace human beings with its “out of this world” capabilities. That thought alone should be enough to scare just about anyone on this planet as AI can replace you in your job—a machine that is way smarter than the extent of your human brain. But enough about the negativity though because the best way to not let this horrendous concept from happening is to prepare for it.

Being in the SEO space for a while now, you will realize that content writing is one of the topmost effective ways to drive traffic to a website says a leading SEO company, which also runs the risk of being replaced by AI. Nevertheless, you should always bear in mind that AI is nothing but a tool to provide benefits to its maker. So, how can you make use of this feared invention, artificial intelligence (AI) to augment your SEO writing? Here are the three ways to go on about that.

  1. Conduct keyword research while keeping RankBrain in mind

If you’re still at the wrong end of the line thinking that AI does not hold influence on search engines yet, then you’ll have to correct your thinking. RankBrain, for those who do not know what it is, is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that has been engraved in Google’s algorithm that specifically handles specific search queries. It has been part of Google long before artificial intelligence trend became popular. So, when you conduct your keyword research, it is better to choose a single keyword to optimize your page because RankBrain is going to automatically look for related keywords. Google will then take the rest of the work after you and you just have to let it run its course.

  • Focus on content relevance and quality

As mentioned before, AI is going to be able to determine the purpose behind the generation of the query. Thus, the more relevant your content, the longer your traffic is staying on your site to go through your content. Also, create a content that is lengthy and is filled with valuable information because RankBrain will measure the relevance of your content and the duration your visitors spent on your page. The key here is to maintain the right mindset and that is to provide answers and other useful information to your readers.

  • Content has to be mobile-friendly

Another consideration SEO writers have to take into account is whether their website is mobile-friendly mainly because a huge percentage of users conduct their searches on their mobile devices. Moreover, ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly will allow your visitors to have a comfortable time viewing your content. Websites that are not mobile-friendly run the risk of losing visitors due to their website’s incompatibility with smartphones. When they realize that your website is not wired for mobile viewing, then they are likely to end up clicking the ‘X’ button and go to your competitor’s site, instead.

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